The Young Gods – Super Ready / Fragmenté – Double Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Two Gentlemen Records, 2020

Super Ready/Fragmenté is the 9th studio album, released on April 16th, 2007 on Muve Recordings for Europe and on Ipecac Recordings for USA.

All music writte and performed by The Young Gods:
Al Comet, Franz Treichler, Bernard Trontin
All lyrics by Franz Treichler

Track 8 written by The Young Gods and Roli Mosimann
Track 3 contains a sample from Massimo “Hello Dirty” (Mego 063)

Recorded at Relief Studio and TYG Studio Artamis Switzerland
Mixed at Relief Studio by Roli Mosimann
Engineered by Bertrand Siffert
Assisted by Benoît Saillet and Yannick Gremaud
Produced by Roli Mosimann and The Young Gods
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound NYC

Design by Ich&Kar
Picture by Jean-Jacques Pallot