Garbage – beautifulgarbage – Anniversary Edition, Double Vinyl, LP, Infectious Import, 2021

Brand new, sealed. Double black vinyl reissue. Beautiful Garbage is the third studio album from Garbage, initially released on October 1, 2001. The album expanded on the band’s musical variety, with stronger melodies, more direct lyrics, and sounds mixing rock with electronica, new wave, hip hop, and girl groups. This brand new edition featuring newly remastered audio by Billy Bush & Butch Vig on 180g black vinyl.

The album saw a slight departure for the band in terms of their sound and delivered four hit singles – ‘Androgny’, ‘Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)’, ‘Breaking Up The Gir’l and ‘Shut Your Mouth’. None of them got higher than number 20 in the UK singles chart (Version 2.0 had delivered three top ten hits in Britain).

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