Ortofon 2M Red Elliptical Diamond Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge NEW

The box is Sealed by Ortofon. (Don’t buy open-box cartridges!)
The 2M Series features Ortofon’s trademark split pole pins, an invention which enables moving magnet cartridges to have a flat frequency response as with a moving coil cartridge. Split pole pins were invented by Ortofon. The 2M Red uses an improved engine, which provides an optimized sound reproduction and a high level of sonic accuracy. The weight & size of 2M Series has been optimized to fit the most common turntables on the market today. The cartridge body has also been streamlined to provide easy mounting & alignment. The name “2M” was chosen as it represents the abbreviation for moving magnet, MM. Moving magnet cartridges provide excellent compatibility in an assortment of playback systems and with a wide variety of phono preamps. All of the 2M cartridges feature diamonds which are polished to the highest standards of the industry. The 2M Red features a tipped Elliptical diamond. It has been engineered to the highest standards & is congruent with Ortofon’s unrelenting commitment to providing the most precise and accurate reproduction possible without coloration.