There are many reasons for what I call “The Big Slowdown” at USPS. You can Google that shit but it all leads back to the Postmaster, Louis DeJoy, thinking the Postal Service should be a “for profit” business, not a SERVICE to the American Public. Debate that amongst yourselves but there’s no denying the slowdown itself.

Although there is no price increase for the most popular shipping method for vinyl records, Media Mail, the slowdown has started already. Packages I send are randomly being delayed and are taking much longer than it did just last month. Prices have increased for most of the alternatives, including Priority Mail.

Sometimes it’s a random package in a group of packages and sometimes it’s the whole group. Buyers may find a Media Mail package reaching their home in just 4 or 5 days, then when they buy again the trek could randomly take 2, 3, or 4 weeks to be delivered.

Last year, the excuse was “Covid Delays”. I had packages “lost” in the mail and many more delayed so long customers asked for refunds or discounts. This year, they are telling us *up front* mail will be slowed on purpose to save the Post Office money, so expect serious delays in Media Mail shipping.

Faster Alternatives

The Postmaster wants you to wait (and wait and wait) for your Media Mail. So if you’re cool with a wait, use Media Mail shipping at checkout. If you need your packages faster, pay for a Priority Mail upgrade. But still, Priority Mail is delayed too, so Priority Mail has the delivery times of what Media Mail used to be. Here at Buy My Comics (and Records), I do offer Priority Mail at checkout.

I also offer UPS Ground and 2-Day Air shipping. Last year during the big rush, UPS held up pretty good. Some packages were delayed but only by one or two days. Ground packages that usually took 2-3 days were taking 3-6. Overall UPS was much more reliable than USPS. So, like Priority Mail, I do offer UPS at checkout.

Will You Continue Offering Media Mail Shipping?

Yes, as indicated above, I’ll still offer Media Mail. It’s the most popular type of shipping because of the low cost. HOWEVER, I may cut it off at the end of November, 2021 and only use the faster methods. I get a lot of orders over the holidays and last year was a total disaster. Many people didn’t get their packages until after Christmas. I can’t do Customer Service for 3-4 hours a day like I did last year, so I imagine I will only offer the faster shipping methods the closer it gets to Christmas.

What Can I Do About It?

Contact your representatives in Congress! Tell them to FIRE DEJOY NOW. Call them, write them, tweet to them – and keep it up. This problem will definitely be back in the national spotlight soon, so be pro-active and start demanding a change now!

– Thanks for listening.

Terry – Buy My Comics and Records

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