Baby Flamehead “Life Sandwich” Vinyl LP 1990 Texas Hotel Records

$4.99 Used but in great shape. VG+ jacket with only a couple of bumps. VG+ vinyl looks amazing.

Allmusic review I thought was appropriate…

…Baby Flamehead was something completely different: an eclectic folk-rock band with a sense of humor that tended toward the obscure. Life Sandwich, their only album, reveals shades of R.E.M. and 10,000 Maniacs, most prominently on “Corpus Christi,” but with weird detours like “Supple Turtles Worry About Milk” and the mean-spirited singalong “Amy.” “The Circus” is effectively built upon a cheesy drum machine beat, but suffers from the band’s not-infrequent difficulty coming up with a chorus. Minor and most definitely a product of its time, Life Sandwich will please those who thought R.E.M.’s Fables of the Reconstruction was much better than the critics said.