The Wedding Present “Marc Riley Sessions Vol 1” Import Vinyl LP 2016

Brand new release overseas (and here)! Vinyl LP pressing. Hatch Records. The Marc Riley Sessions Volume 1 contains tracks from three memorable studio sessions with DJ Marc Riley from 2007, 2008 and 2010. The sessions feature songs that span the entirety of the cult indie band’s career and the consistency of David Gedge’s songwriting. Marc Riley himself commented on the release of the new album: “The release of The Wedding Present sessions done for our 6 Music programme over the years is something of an honor. In the great tradition of the Peel/Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label this record proves that even without John the BBC can still be a place where great bands can continue to grow and be creative… amongst friends.”

Riley also commented on John Peel’s love of the cult band: “There were many other bands who benefitted from the ‘Peel Effect’. Too numerous to mention. But one of those was – as if you can’t see this coming – The Wedding Present. The constant support. Plays. Sessions. Encouragement. Friendship. John’s love of the George Best LP (which was a heroic support considering John’s affiliation to Liverpool – Manchester United’s most hated rival) was well known… and until John passed away he remained a firm fan of all things Gedge.”