UT – Early Live Life – Vinyl, LP, 1979-1985, NYC, London, Reissue, Out Records, 2018

Vinyl LP pressing. Live archive release. Early Live Life is a compilation of some of UT’s best live performances from 1979 – 1985, spanning their origins in New York City to their migration to London in late 1981. Remastered at Wolf Studios by Dominique Brethes, vinyl cut by Noel Summerville. The live tracks jump out with some verve, as visceral now as they were live back in the ’80s. Ut originated from New York City’s downtown no wave scene, forming in December 1978. The inheritors of the fertile collision between rock, free jazz, and the avant-garde that first manifested itself in the Velvet Underground, Ut soon became a serious force within the New York music scene.