Twin Peaks – Side A – Limited Edition, Pink, Colored Vinyl, 10″, Grand Jury, 2020

Twin Peaks has been creating some incredible music for years now. The EP continues to prove that Twin Peaks is evolving and thriving with the many different sounds they approach.

Message From The Dudes:

Hello, we here at TWIN PEAKS DUDES LLC are writing to inform you of our new release, “Side A.’ We run the recording side of our operations out of our very own Studio D at Treehouse Records. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized our recording efforts would be waylaid, so we wanted to finish the songs closest to completion remotely; vocals done one at a time at the studio or sent in from home; contributions from OHMME, V.V. LIGHTBODY, LALA LALA, and TOM REEDER delivered from their own recording set ups. 10″ vinyl to follow this fall – those who preorder get all four songs immediately. Our digitally everywhere else July 3rd.

All proceeds from our new ‘BUSINESS TEE” will be donated to BLACK LIVES MATTER CHICAGO, and each month we will rotate which item in our merch store is for benefit and what cause/organization said item benefits. We ask all our supporters, join us in continuing to educate ourselves, listen, donate, share resources, and allow ourselves to learn. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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