Tim Burgess – Ascent Of The Ascended – Neon Orange, Vinyl, EP, Bella Union, 2020

2020 EP from the Charlatans frontman, the follow-up to his I love The New Sky album. “There was an energy that came from recording the album with such a brilliant band – I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to record a bit of a magnum opus, which is where Ascent of the Ascended came in,” he continues. “I’d always wanted to work with Charles Hayward from This Heat, so we have him a ring and he said yeah. With ‘Yours. To Be’ being almost like an instant feeling you get in a moment, very rarely in your life – the two songs are so different but they somehow complement each other. So, an EP was the perfect idea. We played four shows in New York before lockdown happened – so our session for Paste Magazine was such a rare event, we’ve included the songs to complete the EP.” – Tim Burgess.