The Pooh Sticks, Straight Up: Noise Pollution C88-90, Blue Vinyl, LP, Optic Nerve, 2023

New band-compiled LP of the Pooh Sticks Hits and Misses. Pressed on Blue vinyl and Presented in gatefold sleeve. Includes poster.

Here is what Trudi says:

‘Mellifluous’… is a word you won’t hear much when conversation turns to early Pooh Sticks records. But ‘noise pollution’, sure: that comes up. I’ve even used it myself. So look away now if you must: ‘Straight Up: Noise Pollution C88-90’ is a selection of some of the most loved/despised/ignored tracks released by The Pooh Sticks on however many records it was before it all went wilfully ‘American’ sometime around dotted-line’ing for BMG mega-corp in 1991.

The record has highlights and lowlights. You and me, we’d probably agree on most of them. We chose a reasonable cross-section, I think (although there could’ve been more tambourine), including:

– “On Tape” – zeitgeist-nailin’ strum and strangle

– “I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well” – long title

– “Teenage High” – breathy sweetness sneaked onto the depraved Sympathy For The Record Industry label

– “Dying For It” – the Vaselines cover which beat Nirvana by a full two years (though theirs sold better)

… and more! It’s like Christmas (no, blocking up the chimney won’t help: we’ve cut spare keys). And all of this in a nice gatefold sleeve, and on Steve McQueen’s-eyes blue vinyl. And there’s even a repro poster for the March ’89 Pastels/Pooh Sticks/Vaselines gig up London way (“I swear I was there”, people say).

On behalf of the group, I hope you enjoy it. No, really. It was all a long time ago but I remember we had fun. Maybe you were even there having fun with us.

Trudi xx