Morphine, Like Swimming, Limited Edition Blue Vinyl, Light In The Attic, 2023

“Like Swimming” is the fourth studio album by the American alternative rock band Morphine, originally released in 1997. This album features the distinctive low, sultry voice of lead singer Mark Sandman, who also played a two-string bass guitar. The album’s sound is characterized by its unique blend of rock, jazz, and blues.

This deluxe vinyl reissue marks the very first availability on wax. Lovingly remastered by Pete Weiss at Boston’s Jade Cow Music, with lacquers cut by John Golden. Pressed at Austin, TX’s Gold Rush Vinyl.

Here’s a brief track listing for “Like Swimming”:

I Know You (Part III)
Early to Bed
Wishing Well
Like Swimming
Murder for the Money
French Fries with Pepper
Empty Box
Eleven O’Clock

This record showcases Morphine’s signature sound, with songs like “Lilah” and “Early to Bed” exemplifying their moody and atmospheric style.