King Hannah, I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me, Limited Eco-Colored Vinyl, LP, City Slang, 2023

KING HANNAH has proven themselves one of the break out indie stalwarts of 2022. Their debut full length album, I’M NOT SORRY, I WAS JUST BEING ME – an inspired melding of American influences as diverse as Mazzy Star and Smog with more British sources like PJ Harvey and Portishead – offers a stunning showcase of the Liverpool duo’s talent. At times it’s like listening to dusty jukebox 7″ singles from the late 1950s played at half speed, and at others like Cowboy Junkies forced to play The Trinity Sessions at knifepoint with a pounding whiskey hangover. To celebrate a banner year for the band, City Slang will release a limited double vinyl deluxe edition vinyl offering containing the band’s debut album & EP including a bonus track of “State Trooper” (Bruce Springsteen Cover). This all comes in newly designed gatefold packaging with printed inner sleeves.

THIS indie retail exclusive, this edition will only have a run of 1700 units world wide.

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