James, Better Than That, Limited Edition, 10″ Vinyl, EP, Infectious Music, 2018

Indie Exclusive 10″ vinyl with two tracks from “Living In Extraordinary Times” plus 2 unreleased songs.

The track listing information on the EP cover and disc labels is incorrect when compared to the actual music pressed on the vinyl. The songs ‘Hank’ and ‘Busted’ have been switched. So the actual running order for this release is:

A1 Better Than That
A2 Hank
B1 Busted
B2 Broken by The Hurt

James is a British alternative rock band that was formed in Manchester in 1982. “Better Than That” is a lively, upbeat track with catchy hooks and driving rhythms, and the lyrics speak to the idea of breaking free from negative patterns and living life on one’s own terms.

Overall, “Better Than That” is a solid addition to James’ discography and a testament to the band’s ability to continue creating dynamic, engaging music decades after their formation.