XTC as The Dukes of Stratosphere – Psonic Psunspot – 200 Gram, Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Ape House Uk, 2019

Limited 200gm #vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered release from XTC’s Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, and Dave Gregory masquerading as ‘lost’ ’60s psych band called The Dukes of Stratosphear. Their second and seminal, final album. Produced by John Leckie (Swami Anand Nagara) and The Dukes. How to follow a masterpiece like Skylarking? XTC retreated to their alter egos, not as caped crime fighters patrolling the mean streets of Swindon but, as pstalwarts of psychedelia echoing the spirit of ’67 with Psonic Psunspot, 10 perfectly formed songs of psignificance, culminating in ‘Pale and Precious’ – one of the best songs of the decade.