Cranes – Self-Non-Self – Limited Edition, 180-Gram, Crystal Clear Vinyl, LP, Music On Vinyl, 2022

Limited 180gm clear vinyl LP pressing. Self-Non-Self is available as a limited import-only edition of 500 individually numbered copies on crystal clear vinyl. The band Cranes was founded by siblings Alison and Jim Shaw. After releasing their first EP Fuse, Cranes expanded to a four-piece band and recorded their first full-length album Self-Non-Self. Their sound has been described as “gothic minimalism”, although the band have disputed the ‘gothic’ label. Another way to describe their sound is “dream pop” and even became part of the shoegazing movement in the early nineties. This 1989 album showed their progression with the increased textures in sound and drum slams. The album contains a darker sound and is a mixture of industrial and post-punk music. Originally only six tracks, the band’s label Dedicated Records added a further two upon it’s re-release in 1992. In that same year, Cranes went on a world tour with The Cure, which increased their popularity.