A new 3 track EP from Bons – Ready Reckoner.
Released in November by US label Fruits & Flowers.

After a year off, Fruits & Flowers is back with something new and a little different. Bons is weirder than the pop music we usually cover but just as infectious and amazing. Hailing from the UK the members of Bons have been active in various noisy but gentle freeform acts over the years. Here they’ve given us their most “pop” release yet, and there’s nothing quite like it. Some of these wild sounds could slip into the Catsup Plate, Fonal or Geographic catalogs of the ’00s. There’s also a thread through this music via UK art rock, Eno’s pop moments, Woo, even the calmer bits of Camberwell Now. It’s refreshingly mysterious and transports you to the outer buds of dewy branches where a Praying Mantis is lounging with a pair of bright green Beats headphones.

released November 6, 2020

Music by Mathew Fowler, Matthew Hunt and Kevin Cormack.
Additional vocals on Unbearable Likeness by Aimée Henderson.

Artwork by M Hunt