Blabbermouth – Horspiel – Vinyl, LP, Lu Edmonds, Mark Roberts, Import, Dirter Promotions, 2019

#Vinyl LP version. A new project from Lu Edmonds (PiL, Mekons, The Damned, et al.) and Mark Roberts (The Godfathers, D-Ream, Neneh Cherry, et al.) – a multilingual spoken-word album, a musical hear-play (“hörspiel”) exploring the underbelly of modern life, alternative histories and the allegedly imminent take-over of the world by artificial intelligence. In a loose nod to German radio-plays of the 1920s, the album Hörspiel uses semi-random texts culled from the interweb, performed by synthetic speech-robots using questionable online machine translations (Chinese, Russian, French, English, Tuvan, Japanese, German, Hindi, Spanish, Turkish etc.) while Blabbermouth provide a soundtrack of ambient, industrial, pop, world, folk, free improv soundscape, and post-punk.