Red Fang “Ghosts” Ltd Ed Gold Colored Vinyl LP NEW

#redfang #vinly #records Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from the Portland rockers. Only Ghosts was produced by legendary producer Ross Robinson (At The Drive In, The Cure, Slipknot, Korn, etc.) and mixed by engineer Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Melvins, Tool, etc.). Ever since their inception in 2005, Red Fang has strived to write heavy, catchy music underlaid with subtle complexities. Founded by David Sullivan, Maurice Bryan Giles, Aaron Beam, and John Sherman, the band had a distinctive and fully-formed sound right from the start: a mix of compelling rock songwriting and party-hard metal euphoria that speaks to the headbanger, the hesher, and the music student alike. Now, after three years of vigorously touring the world, the band are ready to return to the stage with their latest and greatest full-length album, Only Ghosts. Only Ghosts consists of 10 new tracks of the band’s signature, high-impact, hook-filled, hard rock. Red Fang prove once again they are top-notch songwriters who have mastered the heavy anthem without taking themselves too seriously. Only Ghosts is a rock album of incredible magnitude that demands to be played at maximum volume!