Helmet – Left – Limited Edition Clear Vinyl, LP, Earmusic, 2023


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Brand new record by Helmet!

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Helmet – Left – Limited Clear Vinyl, LP, Earmusic, 2023

2023 release. Helmet, the iconic alternative metal band from New York that has left an indelible mark on the scene and shaped generations of rock artists, returns with “Left”, the first album in seven years.

“Holiday” is the first single from this album, which can rightly be called the most elegant and articulate sonic assault of the year.

Helmet is an alternative metal band formed in New York City in 1989. Known for their heavy, guitar-driven sound, they gained prominence with their 1992 album “Meantime,” blending raw energy with post-hardcore and metal influences. Fronted by Page Hamilton, the band’s music often features abrasive riffs, precise rhythms, and introspective lyrics. Helmet’s impact on the ’90s alternative music scene was significant, influencing a generation of bands with their aggressive yet melodic approach. Despite lineup changes, they’ve maintained a dedicated fan base, continuing to produce music that merges intense musicality with a unique, forceful style.

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