Danzig – Skeletons – Limited Edition, Bone/Black Splatter, Colored Vinyl, LP, Nuclear Blast, 2017

Limited bone and black colored vinyl LP pressing. You know it’s Danzig the moment you hear him. It’s not just that inimitable voice either. It’s the thick airy guitars, bluesy swagger, and “come hither” evil that placed him at the forefront of a number of musical revolutions due to his ingenuity, horror and punk formally collided with The Misfits’ genesis in the ’70s.
Anytime you see that iconic Misfits skull, you’ll immediately think of his howl fueling punk classics like 82’s Walk Among Us or 83’s Wolf’s Blood/Earth A.D. His vision for Samhain and albums such as Initium and November-Coming-Fire, indelibly impacted the landscape of extreme music, fortifying the crossroads between heavy riffs and occult imagery so prevalent these days. Then, there’s his eponymous band – Danzig. 88’s self-titled debut would go platinum and yield classics including “Mother,” “Twist of Cain,” and “She Rides,” while overall sales across his catalog exceed 10 million worldwide to date.

Nuclear Blast America