68 – Two Parts Viper – Limited Edition Transparent Green Vinyl LP

There are some wild song titles on 68’s second album Two Parts Viper, which is certainly a different approach than the untitled songs of their 2014 debut. “The Workers Are Few” and “This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed And Blue,” “Death Is A Lottery” and “Without Any Words (Only Crying and Laughter)” are among them. The sound is equally unique – a rollercoaster of sonic emotion. Just when you think you know what will happen next, the song takes an unexpected turn. As for lyrical content, Josh Scogin usually makes the album a time capsule – writing his lyrics in short periods of time.

Since the making of this particular record lasted over seven intermittent months, “It reads more like a journey. Nearly each song is coming at you through a different set of circumstances,” says Scogin. “Some are written while I’m outside sweating because it is summertime. Some are written while I was on tour in Europe freezing in December. Plus many other random scenarios. So, the lyrics are all over the place, and nearly each song puts me in a totally different headspace. The headspace that Two Parts Viper puts the listener in, is one of constant discovery. Highs and lows, subtleties and blatant elements, things that require attention. This is just what Scogin was looking to achieve. Every step of this journey was designed to keep you on your toes… provoke thought… and, of course, entertain. Wild, inside and out.