The Beatles – Second Album – 1964, Stereo Repress, Rare Stereo Label

G+ Jacket – because it is starting to split at the spine. VG vinyl with some wear which may affect playback – but not trashed.

Capitol Records ‎– ST-2080

East Coast, #3 Cover

Ultra-Rare Stereo Label: Corrected song title of 3rd revised stereo label without running time on Track 2, Side 2 only. (Mono labels were not printed in this variation).

The initial 1st run labels for this LP (which are most commonly found) do not have the running times for “Long Tall Sally” or “I Call Your Name” on Side 2. But after Capitol received the tapes for these two tracks, the company revised the label copy by adding the times for the two songs.

But then when the BMI credit replaced the ASCAP credit for the song “I Call Your Name”, Capitol once again revised its label copy – but only on the stereo labels. The printer for the East Coast stereo label not only changed ASCAP to BMI after “I Call Your Name”, but also dropped the running time for the song. Thus, this ultra-rare stereo variation has the time for “Long Tall Sally” – but not “I Call Your Name”.