L7 “Slap-Happy” Grey Marble Colored Vinyl Limited Edition Reissue

$17.99 Brand New, sealed.

Limited grey marble-colored vinyl LP pressing. Slap-Happy is the sixth and final studio album by the American rock band L7. It was released on August 24, 1999 by Bong Load Records in collaboration with Wax Tadpole Records, an independent record label that the band formed after being dropped by Reprise Records in 1997. L7 recorded the album as a trio formed by founding members Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner, and longtime drummer Demetra Plakas following the departure of bassist Gail Greenwood. It was made with a low budget and produced by the band and their friend Brian Haught. Unlike previous L7 albums, Slap-Happy more varied and slower-paced songs, with some of which borrowing elements from other genres like hip hop. Upon release, the album received generally mixed reviews from music critics and suffered dismal sales partly due to the poor distribution and support by Bong Load. Some critics found the album predictable and too similar to previous L7 albums, but others highlighted certain songs for their nifty musical style.