Grimm Fairy Tales #10

Frog Prince
First Printing; Zenescope Entertainment
Near Mint – new condition

A retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm Story, The Frog King.
The stuck-up and selfish Lizette has always gotten everything she ever wanted. Including homework from her shy and quiet classmate, Neville. But when Lizette stoops to humiliating him, it’s time for Sela to step in… Calliope loves nothing more than to admire herself, treat others like dirt and wait for a Prince, or better yet, a King to sweep her off her feet. But when she finds herself in a bind she’s forced to make a promise to an enchanted frog. However the dishonorable Calliope has no intention of keeping her end of the deal and not only reneges on her promise but commits an incredibly despicable act. But when a shy and quiet servant witnesses the horrible deed he feels he has no other choice but to teach the girl a disturbing lesson.